About Us

Designing a Brighter Future

We are designing brighter tomorrows by combining ideas and engineering in lighting solutions. As Labos, we have successfully put lighting design and supply processes into effect for large-scale structural projects for more than 10 years in the lighting sector all across Turkey and the world. We carry out the most suitable products with our success in superior engineering by producing designs special to the lighting needs of our customers.

We are delivering as Labos all the project design and product supply in the lighting products for Istanbul Grand Airport, the world’s largest airport.


In our lighting journey that we started in 2012, we have undertaken many valuable projects with the aim of achieving the brightest results, always undertaking big projects; Our aim is to illuminate the future with our engineering solutions, product – system supply and after-sales support, who know their expectations, define new expectations, aim to satisfy them at the highest level, have creative manpower and use technology well in this direction.


When you get a product solution from our company, when you want support for your lighting projects with our superior engineering thinking and forward-thinking structure, when you need information about the product or system, to work until there is no question mark. To continue our projects with our constantly renewed business partners in the local and national market and to be a reliable and respected institution in Turkey’s lighting sector.


We know that the only constant is change. Innovative ideas can easily adapt to changing technology and all other conditions with forward-thinking directions. We think that change does not only mean being open to innovations, but that differentiation and development come with change. We believe that we should constantly improve and develop our work with the principle of excellence.


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